The VDM MASTERMIND TEAM is a group of volunteers that is focused on accelerating the progress of the VDM PROJECT by connecting people, sharing ideas and completing tasks that provide value to the community.
The work of the Mastermind Team is organised by an international network of talented leaders who share the vision of the VDM Project.

The Mastermind Team is the CORE of the project and represents the engine that moves the project towards its goals.
If you feel you should be part of it, apply now here

Fabio Gallerani


Entrepreneur and philanthropist who also suffers from Eye Floaters, decided to join forces with Dr. Sebag and VMR RESEARCH to UNITE Floaters sufferers from all over the world for the purpose of creating a reliable source where sufferers can find accurate information  to help overcome all the difficulties  associated with this disease.

Fabio decided to open this MASTERMIND TEAM in order to share ideas, facilitate conections and speed up the project.

Edyta Andrzejczak


Sociologist, European and Talent Acquisition Specialist. Edyta is the first point of contact for people interested in becoming part of the movement and is helping to build an exceptional and highly motivated team for the VDM project. Edyta has suffered from eye floaters for many years which seriously affect her passions, namely: photography, travel and researching foreign cultures. Her ideal world is one where nobody has to suffer or live in fear due to floaters. She believes that through united action and common endeavour, that a truly effective and safe cure will be found.

Dymock Brett


Dymock Brett was previously a trustee of One Clear Vision, one of the most well-known charities set up to advance public and professional knowledge of VDM.  He has been in collaboration with Professor Sebag for a number of years, as well as a variety of other professionals working in the field of eye research.  As a member of the communications team at the VDM Project, Dymock will be looking to ensure that the community benefits from information that is relevant, accurate, and up-to-date.

Bruna Interlandi

vdm mastermind leader

Bruna is a nutritionist and entrepreneur from Brazil.
She believes that united we can achieve goals that we couldn’t alone.
She started having floaters for about a year, and, as a nature lover, she had her life changed since then. 
She believes that the first step to cope with floaters is : start focusing on acting instead of complaining.
She strongly believes that one day there will be a safe cure for floaters and she is willing to work hard to accelerate this process helping the team to achieve this goal.

Eric Daoust


French Canadian from Montreal.  Firefighter for the Montreal City Fire department. I suffer from eyes floaters since the age of 18 years old. 20 years later I am doing everything I can to find a solution, a cure. I cant go out without my sunglasses. The light and the brightness is hard for my vision. 
¬†I have joined the VDM project with great hope. I’m proud to be one of the many leaders motivated to do a difference in people lives.
Together we will find a cure.

Simon Wassily

vdm mastermind leader

Simon is the Mastermind team leader for Egypt and the Middle East.
Currently a dentist in training and with fluency in both Arabic and English, Simon believes in making a difference by extending outreach into the Arabic world through contact with medical professionals in the region and translation efforts with his team.  
After suffering from eye floaters for nearly two years at a young age, he will stop at nothing to provide hope for sufferers and work within his capabilities towards a safe cure.

Julien Pathe

vdm mastermind leader

Julien is a civil engineer suffering from floaters since 2017. Today, in 2020, he wants to step up his effort to find a cure for eye floaters with the VDM project. Passionate about his job and architecture, he has opened and is managing an architectural and engineering firm.
Born and raised in Paris, France, Julien is now living in Lausanne, Switzerland. He is the contact for French speakers in France, Belgium and Switzerland.

Patricia Musumeci


Patricia is a recent sufferer of eye floaters, in her quest to find a cure, she learned about the VDM Project and made the easy decision to join and support the project. 
She is passionate about raising awareness about the issue of eye floaters and is looking forward to the time when a simple and straightforward cure can be found so millions of sufferers do not need to live with this condition any longer. 
Her passions include travelling, cooking and kindness and compassion to animals.

Leonardo Mariles


Leonardo Mariles, Entrepreneur, Mexican, 46 years, married.
Father of 2 boys, founder and CEO of SAVE THE WORLD, a worldwide brand that donates a percentage of the sales revenue to charities around the world.
He suffers from eye floaters since september of 2019 and he is commited to finding a treatment, non invasive procedure or safer vitrectomy to cure eye floaters, right now he is developing MYOGLASSES the first glasses to reduce eye floaters with a special lens that can simulate the night through the day so the pupil dilates reducing the shadow and the eye floaters can be less bothersome.
His experience may help VDM project in product development and marketing, also in becoming the link with the latino and spanish people.
Zack O'Toole

Zack O' Toole


With an extensive design background in Marketing, Sports and Advertising, Zack is the Creative Director of the VDM Project. 

Living and working in London, UK, Zack joined the movement to unify the brand and increase outreach across print, digital and social channels ‚Äď generating more followers and revenue through a streamlined identity.

As a floater sufferer for many years, the VDM Project was the perfect opportunity to volunteer for, helping to unite and give hope to all those who share the same condition.

Benjamin Longerich


Benjamin Longerich is the VDM Mastermind team leader in Denmark.
He is 26 years old and a student at the University of Aarhus.
He strongly believes that with hard work and a passionate and clever team, we can create a new era within the field of vitreous research and treatment of floaters.
If we stand together our future will be much brighter.
Unite For Clear Vision