we will fight eye floaters. together

J. Sebag MD,
Fellow, American College of Surgeons

  • Leading authority on Vitreous
  • Author (3 books, 82 peer-review publications, 73 chapters, 72 editorials, reviews & letters)
  • President, VMR Research Foundation for new approaches to vitreous diseases (floaters)

Partner with VDM Project to

  • Educate sufferers
  • Understanding will help coping
  • Direct action to support new R & D for better diagnostics and cures

VMR Research and Dr. Sebag have partnered with the VDM project to educate the sufferers throughout the world on how to understand and cope with the problem while discovering new solutions to treat and cure eye floaters.

Fabio Gallerani


Entrepreneur and philanthropist who also suffers from Eye Floaters, decided to join forces with Dr. Sebag and VMR RESEARCH to UNITE Floaters sufferers from all over the world for the purpose of creating a reliable source where sufferers can find accurate information  to help overcome all the difficulties  associated with this disease.

Fabio has already created a huge movement in the marketing and entrepreneurship field called Allinners. Now his target is to replicate the same success here, in VDM project joining the fight with all of us.

Edyta Andrzejczak


Sociologist, European and Talent Acquisition Specialist. Edyta is the first point of contact for people interested in becoming part of the movement and is helping to build an exceptional and highly motivated team for the VDM project. Edyta has suffered from eye floaters for many years which seriously affect her passions, namely: photography, travel and researching foreign cultures. Her ideal world is one where nobody has to suffer or live in fear due to floaters. She believes that through united action and common endeavour, that a truly effective and safe cure will be found.

Dymock Brett

Team VDm

Dymock Brett was previously a trustee of One Clear Vision, one of the most well-known charities set up to advance public and professional knowledge of VDM.  He has been in collaboration with Professor Sebag for a number of years, as well as a variety of other professionals working in the field of eye research.  As a member of the communications team at the VDM Project, Dymock will be looking to ensure that the community benefits from information that is relevant, accurate, and up-to-date.

Cormac Wilson


Cormac is a Social media Influencer who has suffered from Floaters since 18, has decided to collaborate with the VD PROJECT because he believes in their mission to provide sufferers with up to date information, solutions on how to cope with Floaters and one day, a safe cure.
Cormac has built a successful YouTube channel and Facebook support group with a large following of Sufferers, he gives them help, support and advice on living with Floaters. He is passionate about finding a cure and is always researching and trying new solutions to help him and all sufferers.

Jonathan Reed


Jonathan Reed is the founder of the Eye Floaters Action Movement, home to one of the largest and fastest growing online communities for those suffering with VDM. He is also the host of the Eye Floaters Action Podcast, the only podcasts dedicated to interviewing top researchers and providing hope for curing this horrible disease. He believes that a cure to VDM is possible, but more importantly, that it is necessary for millions of sufferers who are fighting to get their lives back. Along with Dr. Sebag and his team, Jonathan is dedicated to leading this movement to find a permanent cure once and for all.

Davide Volpato

Davide Volpato


Davide is the IT manager of the vdm project. Since he was young, Davide has distinguished himself for his talent but above all for his constant desire to help people. A very successful professional, today Davide wants to support the VDM project to make a difference in the lives of all of us and help us defeat the eye floaters forever.


Alessandro Castaldini

Team vdm

Alessandro is a talented graphic designer.

Since his early age he suffers from eye floaters which have greatly impacted much of his life. In the project Alessandro is the graphic degigner and helps to convey through images the importance of joining forces and join the fight to cure eye floaters definitively. Together