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The VDM Project aims to unite eye floater patients and change perceptions of this condition within the medical community and the world in general. Only by doing this can we develop a safe and effective cure.

What are Eye Floaters?

Eye floaters are dark disturbances in your vision. They may look like black or gray specks, strings, or cobwebs that drift about when you move your eyes. For some people, this can be a debilitating condition that has a significant impact on quality of life. Floaters arise from the gel that fills the center of the eye, called vitreous. Vitreous Floaters can affect the patients’ ability to concentrate, read, drive, and enjoy outdoor activities. Those who experience floaters often report symptoms of severe depression and anxiety.

Is there a cure?

While options do exist, they come with risks of life-altering complications from vision loss. Although these outcomes are very rare, the VDM Project is striving for new safe and effective cure(s), restoring clear vision to eye floater patients.

But we need your help.

We recognize that eye floaters are a disease of the vitreous.

Led by world-renowned vitreo-retinal ophthalmologist Dr. J. Sebag, we are a non-profit organization with the goal of improving our understanding and management of this disease, ultimately preventing eye floaters. As a first step to having eye floaters recognized as a clinical disease, Dr. Sebag coined the term ‘Vision Degrading Myodesopsia’ (VDM). Following this milestone, we are now organizing a global effort to find a safer cure for patients.

How we will achieve this

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-- Phase 1


Simply subscribing to our newsletter will help our research efforts.

It’s vital that the true number of eye floater patients is known, allowing us to show medical researchers, governments, and industry just how widespread this condition is.

-- Phase 2


Donations are essential to fund medical research.

This not-for-profit movement is currently organized by a team of volunteers. Funding is essential to research a safe cure for eye floaters.

-- Phase 3

Pressure group

With enough members, we can demand change in the medical community.

The pharmaceutical industry needs concrete numbers to dedicate funding and resources. Our unified pressure group will result in better diagnostics and treatment.

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-- Phase 4

The cure

In this phase, clinical trials will be expanded to humans.

This can only be achieved with an active pressure group and enough funding. Phase 4 will result in a safe, effective and accessible cure for this disease.

Can you help? Join the VDM Team

The VDM Project is made up of volunteers, contributing their skills for a better future.

We’re looking to recruit members in all areas, including: Translation / Design / Social Media / Philanthropy / SEO / Medicine / Business Development / Content Creation / Strategy / Web Development / Awareness & more. If you can contribute, we would love for you to join.

Our founders

Dr J. Sebag MD, FACS, FRCOphth, FARVO

Vitreo-Retinal Ophthalmologist

Dr. Sebag is the founder of the VMR Institute for Vitreous Macula Retina, a leading facility for treating disorders of the inside and back of the eye. In 2018 he founded the VMR Research Foundation, a non-profit organization dedicated to advance knowledge and treatment of vitreo-retinal diseases, such as VDM. Using the VMR Research Foundation framework, Dr. Sebag brings his vast knowledge and expertise to partner with the VDM Project and promote the development of improved diagnostics and cures for eye floaters.

Having authored 233 publications to date and being a member of the prestigious American Ophthalmological Society and a Fellow of ARVO, the world’s leading eye research organization, Dr. Sebag is considered a leading authority on vitreous.

Fabio Gallerani

Entrepreneur & Philanthropist

Successful entrepreneur and philanthropist who also suffers from eye floaters, Fabio joined forces with Dr. Sebag and the VMR Research Foundation to unite patients from all over the world.

The VDM Project was created for the purpose of being a reliable source where patients can find accurate information to help overcome this difficult disease.

Messages from our founders

Watch the webinar

A full webinar explanation between Dr Sebag and Fabio Gallerani, outlining the ambitious agenda of the VDM Project.