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VDM Research Projects – Explained by Professor Sebag

Our mission at the VDM Project is to create a united community who come together to support new research into understanding and treating eye floaters. 
In the latest video from Professor Sebag, the leading authority on this subject worldwide, he explains in detail each research goal that has been identified to advance our knowledge of this condition.
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Now you can also listen to Professor Sebag himself explain why these research goals are important, and how the VDM Project will help achieve the progress needed. 
He also explains our current understanding of eye floaters, and why he now uses the term VDM to describe patients with visually significant symptoms.
This video is another step towards providing a direct link between the VDM community and medical professionals who are working in this field. 
As the VDM Project grows, we will deliver more content from Professor Sebag, and in future other researchers who are contributing to the goals outlined in this video.
Our first goal in 2020 is to fund new technology for imaging the vitreous – as Professor Sebag explains in this video, this is essential for accurate diagnosis of the condition, and also to evaluate how effective a new treatment option can be. 
This estimated cost of developing this technology isn high but in the VDM project we aim to make it possible.
 Are you ready to donate and support the research? 
We would like to start funding for this goal in March 2020. 
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