VDM Project Update: December 2020

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Dear VDM Supporters,

We wish to share exciting news with you which shows our growth as an organization and how far we’ve come after less than a year of launching.

New VDM Project Website

Thanks to our volunteer team, we have a new and improved website to represent us. This marks a key milestone by showing how much we have grown as we continue to look forward to the future and become stronger.

Why is a new website important? Firstly, our message, purpose and goals are much clearer. All of the information regarding researching a cure can now be found on our Research Plans page. This details our objectives and most importantly, where donations are going.

Secondly, this will greatly help our outreach. While it is difficult to know who suffers from eye floaters, we know that celebrities and influential people exist who share this disease. With an updated, modern and professional website, we are much more likely to engage and communicate with them – helping to unite eye floater sufferers globally by the power of their platforms.

New Fundraising Initiative

Our goal is to raise $10,000 each month to allow the research to fund the 3x projects on our Research Plans page.

This will allow funds to be utilized in the best way possible, achieving our ultimate goal of receiving governmental funding to undertake clinical research into curing eye floaters.

We have decided to launch this collective crowdfunding on Tuesday, the annual Day of Giving. The Day of Giving is a perfect day to begin this new initiative and allow our supporters to contribute to finding a cure for eye floaters once and for all.

The VDM Project greatly appreciates all of your support, and we hope you will continue to help us keep the momentum going.

VDM Project Update

The VDM Project has recently had marked growth as a movement. We have several thousand subscribers and members around the world.

We have developed a solid volunteer leadership team, with group leaders designated for each area within the organization. This team of leaders has begun initiatives with several medical institutions, researchers, and doctors who are working on the eye floater issue. We put 100% of all funds we receive toward the research being done for eye floaters.

As always, the stronger our team is, the faster we can work toward a safe and effective cure for eye floaters. If you would like to join the team and contribute toward our efforts, please apply below.

There is much power in collective action. You are important to us, and we are all in this together. We are floater sufferers just like you, and we want to find a cure as badly as you do. Please join forces with us to educate others and spread the word about the VDM Research Project.

Let’s unite for clear vision!
Your VDM Team