Shikhar Verma: my story with eye floaters


I have been suffering from eye floaters and light since 2009, let me reveal to you my story. In 2008 I joined Tech Mahindra Ltd. as an IT Analyst for the AT&T Bell South project and I had the night shift, working on computers for almost 6-7 hours a night. 

At the time I was 26 years old and enthusiastic to work hard and learn new techniques for the prospective growth of my career. Then one morning, I noticed a very tiny black spot in my right eye. Initially, I thought it was some dust or dirt so I washed my eyes 3-4 times to remove it but it didn’t come out. It was so tiny that it could easily be ignored and I continued my night shift for 1-2 months more until, one day, I realized that I had to see an ophthalmologist to check my eyes.


I made an appointment with a retina specialist and after a thorough examination, the doctor told me I had lattice degeneration in both eyes and needed immediate treatment.

I went through the laser treatment for the left eye immediately but I had to postpone the  right eye for 2 months because of an urgent work project. I continued working with an unoperated right eye which eventually resulted in 2-3 retinal holes in my eye and the doctor recommended an immediate operation i.e. laser barrage. 

Everything went fine, both my eyes had been properly operated but one month after the operation, I started noticing that my floaters had increased drastically and I also had lots of eye flashes. I consulted with the same doctor and he told me everything was fine with regards to my eyes but nothing could be done to reduce the floaters and flashes. I began searching on the internet for floater treatments and consulted with my doctors, though they all said the same thing, nothing could be done.


The most irritating part was that the floaters kept on increasing gradually over time and I was not able to find any treatment. The time was very tough for me because I was married with a child and, for the survival of my family, I had to work at my IT job sitting in front of computers through many hours of night shifts. At least my family was very supportive and stood with me in all possible ways. I never gave up and tried many alternative treatments like Homeopathy, Ayurveda and various other natural therapies over the years which gave me a ray of hope for the treatment of my problem. Although nothing helped to reduce my floaters, I wondered if perhaps those techniques had at least helped my retinas because there has been no further lattice degeneration since then. 


My eyes are still full of floaters but time has taught me how to deal with them and live happily with my wife, two kids and my parents.