Fabio Coutinho: my two tortuous years with eye floaters



I first developed floaters in January 2019, though I don’t know where they came from or what triggered their formation. Nothing was obviously wrong with my eyes, but still they appeared.


The following year was simply unbearable. I stopped leaving my house during the day and wasn’t able to continue jogging or going to the gym. I became very depressed but whenever I visited the doctor they would only tell me that my eyes were fine and that there was nothing to be done.


For two long, tortuous years I lived with this condition, barely existing in the way I had known before, but I knew that it couldn’t continue like this forever. So, one day I forced myself to go out during daylight. It was incredibly hard for me to look beyond these black blobs in my eyesight, but I managed. Over the next few days, I pushed myself to keep going out, to reclaim my old life that I missed so much. I started jogging again and with each day I felt stronger, more in control. I bought brown polarized sunglasses which helped a little, but the key was to keep my mind busy, not allowing my thoughts to concentrate on the floaters.


It is still incredibly hard for me and I hope for the day when an effective and safe cure will be available. Until then, I keep doing the things I love, going out and enjoying life as much as I always did.