Alfay Sani Shahadat: my Personal Story with Floaters



When I was about 7/8 years old, I got badly hurt by a tennis ball. My left eye became bloodshot and stayed that way for two days. I did not face any problems. One day when I played hide and seek with my friends, I found out that my left eye vision had gotten blurry. I could not take medical assistance at that time due to my family’s carelessness about me, though I informed them.

Four years later, my left eye started to squint, and my family took me to a doctor. Unfortunately, he could not find any problem. Another three years passed.

It was then 2008, and I was about 14/15 years old. A wise doctor found out what had happened to my eye. He told me that my left eye was hurt badly once upon a time. Hence a dense thick floater-like matter had formed inside my eye.

In 2010 I went through a vitrectomy, but the operation failed due to the doctor’s ineptitude. My left eye went blind.

From 2012/2013 I started seeing floaters in my right eye. I can remember some specific incidents. When my nephew was nearly one year old, he inserted his finger into my eye. It really hurt me, and my eye became red. Another incident was that my right eye became red for two or three days. That’s all I can remember. Maybe I started seeing floaters after those incidents, though the floaters were not significant in number or size.

My floaters remained the same in number for quite awhile, and they did not even cast shadows since they were quite small.

From October 2020 to February 2021, I underwent a serious consequence in my life. A five-year relationship was broken with someone I had seen for about eight years. I could not sleep at all for a couple months. I used to shout very loudly. Hypertension also became a friend to me during that time. My eyes became dry, red and itchy as I was using my computer for about 14/16 hours a day. I used to rub my eyes frequently.

27 December 2020 I woke up coughing hard. It was not the Coronavirus but an infection in my lungs. Unfortunately, I let the coughing pressure reach my head and my eyes. I think the retinal veins in my eyes were affected when I coughed so hard. It happened once or twice over two consecutive days.

20 January 2020 I experienced chronic redness in my right eye. I think hand sanitizer was the culprit. My right eye’s bottom lid was inflamed, and the corner side near my nose was also inflamed. My eye was painful at that time as well. The redness stayed for two days.

After these recent incidents, my floaters increased in number and in size. One old spiderlike cobweb floater became large enough to cast a shadow.

Since February 2021, I have started my own journey to know more about floaters and their causes. I have talked to many people who are also suffering with the silent hidden matter within their eyes. People  who see floaters have stories.