Official: VDM Research Projects

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Official: VDM Research Projects

Dear VDM Project supporter,

The day has finally arrived where we can accomplish success with three important research projects on eye floaters.

These projects will allow us to get closer to the final goal of developing a less invasive cure for the treatment of eye floaters.

As mentioned in the previous newsletter, the VMR Foundation has developed a plan for three important research projects which must be supported by funds in order for a cure to be developed as soon as possible.

The research projects in question are:

1. Discovering the Origin of Eye Floaters

Our short-term goal is to cure this disease, and our long-term goal is to prevent it.

To do this, our researchers need to gain a better knowledge of eye floaters at a molecular level. For a cure to be found, a better understanding of eye floaters is essential. As a combined effort between the VMR Research Foundation and the Huntington Medical Research Institute, both organizations strongly believe this project to be fundamental in understanding how eye floaters develop – and how they can be both treated safely today, as well as prevented tomorrow.

2. Myopia and Eye Floaters

Near-sightedness (myopia) has a strong correlation with eye floaters, but the reason why is currently unknown.

Project Two will assess the changes in the eyes of patients with eye floaters to better understand how and why this condition occurs. Due to myopia levels increasing dramatically worldwide (estimated to affect 5 billion people per year by 2050), this project is necessary to gain the attention of governments and medical institutes globally. Once we have sufficient data to prove this, funding toward a cure is much more likely, meaning a floater-free future for sufferers

3. Vitreous Floaters Functional Questionnaire

One of our key strategies in having this disease recognized by Governments, Medical Institutes and Researchers is to show the widespread prevalence of eye floaters.

Currently, a questionnaire frequently used by the U.S. National Eye Institute does not adequately show how eye floaters negatively impact the lives of sufferers. We aim to change this. With a new questionnaire created and distributed by the VMR Research Foundation to measure the negative impact of eye floaters with quantifiable data, we can measure the magnitude of this problem. This vital questionnaire will greatly strengthen our ability to apply for medical research funding and is a vital step to curing eye floaters. We also anticipate that this questionnaire will provide sufferers with feedback on the severity of their disease.

Each of these research projects plays a fundamental role in promoting eye floaters to be recognized as an eye disease and receive support from the pharmaceutical industry to implement innovative solutions and find a definitive and less invasive cure than those currently available.

Further information is availavble on our Research Plans page with all the details of the projects, the objectives and how the funds will be utilized.

How can you help the VMR Research Foundation?

You may be wondering how you can help the foundation accomplish success with the research program. The answer is simple.

Funds and donations are needed to allow the foundation to acquire the necessary resources and fully develop the proposed research.

The VDM Project is organizing monthly fundraising objectives starting today to allow you to be part of the fight against eye floaters and become an active participant in the research projects.

Through your contribution and those from others, we will be able to unite in the fight against eye floaters and to win. Every donation is important.

This page has only one goal, which is to give you the details with full transparency and professionalism.

Now it’s your turn to support the VDM Project and contribute to the mission that will help millions of people around the world to finally find peace, definitively defeating eye floaters.

A united pursuit is happening now.

We are counting on you, and we greatly appreciate your assistance.

Unite For Clear Vision