VDM Project Expense Report

Dear supporters, Thanks to your generous contributions to our efforts, the VDM Project is proud to announce a list of projects completed by the VMR

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Eye Floaters Prevalence Study

Eye Floater Prevalence Study   The VDM Project is currently in the process of commissioning a study on the prevalence of vitreous floaters among adults in the United

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Research Update: January 2021

Dear VDM Project supporters, As 2021 begins, we are continuing our fight to find a safe and effective cure for Vision Degrading Myodesopsia (Eye Floaters).

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Ask Us Anything: Answers

Dear VDM Supporters, We previously asked followers of our Instagram Page to submit any questions they have about the VDM Project. We wish to offer

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Official: VDM Research Projects

Official: VDM Research Projects Dear VDM Project supporter, The day has finally arrived where we can accomplish success with three important research projects on eye

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