Google Supports VDM Project With $10k per month Ad Budget

Google Supports VDM Project With $10k per Month Ad Budget

Dear VDM Supporter,

We are excited to announce that as of this week Google are now on our side. After an exenstive application process, the VDM Project has been awarded a Google Grant of $10,000 USD per month, which we will be using to create awareness and increase the size of our community. 

Together we are stronger!

This endorsement from Google is so positive for two key reasons – firstly of course it gives us a monthy budget to access their search campaign resources, and enables us to reach a global audience of floaters sufferers, so they can be made aware of the VDM Project and Join the Fight. The more our community grows, the more influence we will have upon the research industry and medical professionals.

Secondly, it demonstrates that the No.1 brand in the world has recognised the VDM Project as a legitimate cause that derserves support, and we a very proud of this acheivement.

As always, thanks for supporting the VDM Project and please keep a look out for more news coming soon! See below the approval from Google Grants Team.