L'équipe VDM Mastermind est un collectif international de volontaires, qui se consacre à la guérison des flotteurs oculaires.

Our aim is to accelerate the progress of the VDM Project by connecting people, sharing ideas and increasing outreach to patients around the world.

We are always looking for new members. Apply to join us.

Fabio Gallerani

Fondateur et visionnaire du projet VDM

Entrepreneur and philanthropist who also suffers from eye floaters, Fabio decided to join forces with Dr. Sebag and VMR Research Foundation to unite floater patients from all over the world.

Clinical researching of a cure for eye floaters requires medical expertise and funding – Fabio created the VDM Project to raise the necessary funds for Dr. Sebag and the VMR Research foundation to achieve this.

Edyta Andrzejczak

Sociologist, European and Talent Acquisition Specialist.

Edyta is the first point of contact for people interested in becoming part of the movement and is helping to build an exceptional and highly motivated team for the VDM Project.

Edyta has suffered from eye floaters for many years which seriously affects her passions, namely: photography, travel and researching foreign cultures. Her ideal world is one where nobody has to suffer or live in fear due to floaters.

She believes that through united action and common endeavour, a truly effective and safe cure will be found.

Benjamin Longerich

Benjamin Longerich est le chef d'équipe du VDM Mastermind au Danemark.

He is 26 years old and a student at the University of Aarhus.

He strongly believes that with hard work and a passionate and clever team, we can create a new era within the field of vitreous research and treatment of floaters.

If we stand together, our future will be much brighter.

Unite for Clear Vision

Patricia Musumeci

Patricia a récemment été victime de la maladie des yeux flottants. Dans sa quête pour trouver un remède, elle a entendu parler du projet VDM et a pris la décision facile de rejoindre et de soutenir le projet, en représentant l'Australie et la Nouvelle-Zélande.

She is passionate about raising awareness of the issue of eye floaters and is looking forward to a time when a simple and straightforward cure can be found so millions of sufferers do not need to live with this condition any longer.

Her passions include traveling, cooking and kindness and compassion to animals.

Julien Pathe

Julien est ingénieur civil, souffrant de flotteurs oculaires depuis 2017.

Now he wants to step up efforts to find a cure for eye floaters with the VDM Project.

Passionate about his job and architecture, he has opened and is managing an architectural and engineering firm.

Born and raised in Paris, France, Julien is now living in Lausanne, Switzerland. He is the contact for French speakers in France, Belgium and Switzerland.

Simon Wassily

Simon est le chef d'équipe Mastermind pour l'Égypte et le Moyen-Orient.

Currently a dentist in training and with fluency in both Arabic and English, Simon believes in making a difference by extending outreach into the Arab world through contact with medical professionals in the region and translation efforts with his team.

After suffering from eye floaters for nearly two years at a young age, he will stop at nothing to provide hope for sufferers and work within his capabilities toward a safe cure.

Bruna Interlandi

Bruna est une nutritionniste et une entrepreneure du Brésil.

She believes that together we can achieve goals that we could not achieve alone. As a nature lover, Bruna’s floaters have changed her life.

She believes that the first step to coping with floaters is to start focusing on acting instead of complaining.

She strongly believes that one day there will be a safe cure for floaters, and she is willing to work hard to accelerate the process to help the team achieve this goal.

Joanne Magpuri

Joanne Magpuri est originaire du Wisconsin et réside actuellement à Minneapolis, dans le Minnesota aux États-Unis.

Diagnostiquée myope à l'âge de 10 ans, Joanne a porté des lunettes et des lentilles de contact pendant la majeure partie de sa vie. Elle a développé des flotteurs dans la vingtaine, mais leur état s'est considérablement aggravé il y a environ un an. Elle est devenue frustrée par le manque de ressources et d'aide pour les personnes souffrant de flotteurs. Elle a donc rejoint le projet VDM et vise à contribuer à la recherche d'un remède pour les flotteurs. Joanne a toujours aimé l'écrit, et depuis plus de 30 ans, elle s'occupe de la révision et de la correction d'épreuves. Ses passe-temps sont les voyages, les langues, l'artisanat et la lecture.

Nicholas Schibuola

Responsable des médias sociaux

Nicholas is founder of a digital company in Italy, helping people and their businesses thrive in the digital world. He has been suffering with eye floaters for 10 years, even though he clearly remembers playing with “transparent” cobwebs since he was 5.

Nicholas joined the VDM Project to help spread the message through digital media outlets, in order to raise awareness and involve more people in the project, and take action together to find the solution!

João Vitor de Faria

Social Media Executive

João est un travailleur indépendant qui souffre de flotteurs depuis l'âge de 12 ans. Aujourd'hui, à 20 ans, ses yeux flottants lui donnent souvent du mal à voir et à se concentrer. Cependant, il croit fermement au projet VDM et s'efforce de s'engager avec ses partisans sur les médias sociaux et de sensibiliser le public en ligne.