Eye Floaters Research Official Projects

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Dear VDM PROJECT Supporters


The day has finally arrived where we can accomplish success with three important research projects on eye floaters.

These projects will allow us to get closer to the final goal of developing a less invasive cure for the treatment of eye floaters.

As mentioned in the previous newsletter, the VMR Foundation has developed a plan for three important research projects which must be supported by funds in order to be developed as soon as possible.


The research projects in question are:



This research will help medical professionals recognize eye floaters as a disease of the eye and will enable opthalmologists to objectively evaluate the gravity of the situation through a validated questionnaire.



This research will answer many questions on how eye floaters develop to affect people of all ages and will outline the pathophysiology of the disease.

This basic research will provide insights for new ways to prevent the disorder from ever occurring in the first place.



This research will focus on why eye floaters affect people who are myopic and will provide answers on how myopia impacts the developement of eye floaters.


Each of these research projects plays a fundamental role in promoting eye floaters to be recognized as an eye disease and receive support from the pharmaceutical industry to implement innovative solutions and find a definitive and less invasive cure than those currently available.

These three research projects form the substance of the VDM PROJECT currently.


How can you help the VMR Research Foundation?

You may be wondering how you can help the foundation accomplish success with the research program.

The answer is simple.

Funds and donations are needed to allow the foundation to acquire the necessary resources and fully develop the proposed research.


THE VDM PROJECT is organizing monthly fundraising objectives starting today to allow you to be part of the fight against eye floaters and become an active participant in the research projects.



Through your contribution and those from others, we will be able to unite in the fight against eye floaters and to win

Every donation is important.


We have prepared a web page with all the details of the projects, the objectives and how the funds will be utilized.

This page has only one goal, which is to give you the details with extreme transparency and professionalism.



Now it’s your turn to support the VDM PROJECT and contribute to the mission that will help millions of people around the world to finally find peace, definitively defeating eye floaters.


A united pursuit is happening now.


We are counting on you, and we greatly appreciate your assistance.


Unite For Clear Vision