The past month has been very important for the VDM PROJECT.
On April 26th an important webinar presentation with Dr.Sebag revealed to the world the background, purpose and future aims of the VDM
We highly recommend that anyone interested in the VDM Project takes the time to watch this webinar.
From that moment on, a huge surge of hope and positivity has shifted the persistent negative and hopeless feelings all over the internet.
We are now speeding up Phase One and we need your help to do so.
So, here are some things you can do:
1) Sign up for the newsletter here and become part of the pressure group, a group that will be essential when requesting support of institutions and philanthropists.
2) Ask 2 people you know that have floaters or want to help the cause to also sign up in the newsletter.
Also, we are very happy to announce that we have added a new member to the VDM TEAM, Edyta Andrzejczak, an experienced professional who will be in charge of managing the development and goals of the VDM MASTERMIND TEAM.
This mastermind team will be important in the development of the project as we will assign each member specific tasks to make the VDM PROJECT a global movement capable of raising awareness and funds for research in any language and any country in the world.
If you feel you have a skill and you want to help the project from the inside, please apply for the VDM MASTERMIND TEAM here,selections will close soon.
Now let’s talk about the goals we are striving to achieve and at the point we are at now.
We have 1334 subscribers to the newsletter at the moment, and we have a goal of 10.000 to create an effective pressure group.  
Please remember that signing up to the newsletter is ESSENTIAL if you want to RECEIVE UPDATES on the project.  Sometimes updates can get missed or lost on social media so the newsletter is the best way to stay connected to the project.
Regarding fundraising, we now have a number of supporters who have very generously made donations, and we consider that a very encouraging beginning.  As explained in the webinar, all funds go directly to Dr Sebag and his VMR Research Foundation.
Please consider a monthly support for the project and you will receive access to the VDM EDUCATION VAULT, a group of resources that will help you increase knowledge and awareness about the eye floaters condition.  

Please be aware that this vault is a work in progress and it will keep expanding as our project and knowledge grows.
We are now working on launching the Youtube Channel – if you want to help us, please record a quick testimonial and follow the instructions here.
We also have plans to begin an extensive ad campaign with the help of a Google Grant which we have been awarded, to help us cover more and more geographic areas.
Please apply here to help us translate the site in your language.
Remember, if we all UNITE, this project will be the bridge for a better and less invasive cure for this condition.
Let’s Unite For Clear Vision.

Google Support VMR RESEARCH with 10k/month AD BUDGET

Dear VDM Supporter,

We are excited to announce that as of this week GOOGLE are now on our side.  After an exenstive application process, the VDM Project has been awarded a Google Grant of $10,000 USD per month, which we will be using to create awareness and increase the size of our community.  Together we are stronger!

This endorsement from Google is so positive for two key reasons – firstly of course it gives us a monthy budget to access their search campaign resources, and enables us to reach a global audience of floaters sufferers, so they can be made aware of the VDM Project and Join the Fight.  The more our community grows, the more influence we will have upon the research industry and medical professionals.

Secondly, it demonstrates that the No.1 brand in the world has recognised the VDM Project as a legitimate cause that derserves support, and we a very proud of this acheivement.

As always, thanks for supporting the VDM Project and please keep a look out for more news coming soon!

See below the approval from Google Grants Team

Vitreous 3D Imaging | Eye Floaters

Video update – Vitreous imaging in a person complaining of floaters.

The VDM Project has defined as one of its first goals the development of better and more informative  IMAGING so as to enable new treatment options.  In order to adequately evaluate vitreous structure and correctly diagnose Vision Degrading Myodesopsia (VDM), and to test the success of future treatments and trials, we need new and better technologies to image human vitreous.

In this video, Professor Sebag discusses the images obtained using an optical imaging technology called Optical Coherence Tomography, or OCT.  With this technology you can clearly see in 3D the opacities within the vitreous body that interfere with the passage of light from the front of the eye (at top of scan) to the inside of the back of the eye (bottom of scan), casting shadows that are perceived  as “floaters”..


Professor Sebag explains the basic anatomy / structure of the eye, and then clarifies the benefits of this new technology and others, such as ultrasound, that can be used to image the vitreous body.

He explains that in addition to these qualitative images, there is a need to accurately quantify vitreous opacities in the eye (detailing their number, size and distribution), to effectively diagnose the patient.  With these tools in place, eye doctors will be able to identify cases in which the patient’s condition can be diagnosed as Vision Degrading Myodesopsia (VDM), which are the cases that merit treatment.

The video is just 5 minutes – it is a good introduction to the field of vitreous imaging and we hope that, with your support, we will have more updates to share in the future regarding the progress of imaging research teams working with the VDM Project.


VDM Project: Share Your Story

Can you share your eye floaters story?
The VDM Project is launching a YouTube channel for you to share your story with eye floaters.
This is the chance for the community to let researchers and other professionals understand how VDM affects a person day-to-day, from a personal perspective.
In addition, we hope these videos can provide a positive message of hope for the community – and give advice to sufferers about the best way to cope with the condition.
The videos will remain anonymous will only be used for this purpose in the VDM Project.   You do not need to share your name or location or any other personal details. We will not gather any personal information or share this content anywhere else.  We just hope to gather many testimonials to demonstrate the reality of this condition.

You can find some guidelines about how to create and send us your video here.

Please share your story if you can – thank you and let’s unite for clear vision.
Your VDM Project Team

Vdm Mastermind Team | Complete The Step 2

The VDM Mastermind Group

Since we launched the VDM Project at the start of this year, we have changed our focus from fundraising to developing a dedicated Mastermind Group. This is for two reasons. Firstly we realised that because it’s a new project, a number of people did not feel comfortable donating and wanted more information regarding the research projects (this will be coming soon).

Secondly, at this stage there is a more important factor required to accelerate progress towards new treatment options for VDM. We need a strong network and the ability to influence a variety of important stakeholders such as doctors, researchers and technology companies.

We are currently looking for new members to join our VDM Mastermind Group. This will be a select group of individuals who are committed and motivated to make a difference and work towards the goals of the VDM Project.

We are looking to run the Mastermind Group in a similar way to an ambitious company that looks for the most effective way to achieve success, so we need a variety of skills ranging from social media, direct networking, fundraising and translation.

(Please be aware that everyone in the VDM Project and the VDM Mastermind Group are volunteers, although we may have access to some funds for marketing purposes in the future.)

If you would be interested to apply for membership to this mastermind group, please follow the link below to submit an application. We require this application because we need to ensure we create a group with the correct balance of skills and with people who are motivated.

Please be aware that all members of the VDM Mastermind Group will need to be available at least once a week for a conference call (time to be confirmed). In addition to this call members will be of course expected to carry out tasks and set goals during the week.

If you cannot commit to these conditions, please consider re-applying at a later time when you can make these commitments.


Thanks for taking the time to read this, we look forward to receiving your application. Successful applicants will be given access to the VDM Project Mastermind facebook group and other resources that we will share as we work together. If you have any questions please email us at info@vdmresearch.org

VDM Project – Unite for Clear Vision.

Dr. Jerry Sebag Explains The VDM PROJECT


In this video Dr Sebag explains his role in founding VMR Research and the purpose of the VDM Project to support his work into the vitreous.  He also explains the new term VDM, and how it is used to describe clinically significant cases of vitreous eye floaters.

We are presenting this video to make it clear that Dr Sebag endorses the VDM Project and our community, and that he hopes that through outreach and education we can build a movement that will lead to new discoveries and treatment possibilities for VDM.

Please take a minute to view the video here:

A Letter From Dr.Sebag for the VDM Project

We are pleased to share this letter of endorsement and support from Dr Jerry Sebag.  


VMR Research Foundation

620 Newport Center Drive PMB 490

Newport Beach, CA 92660, USA

Certified by the US I.R.S. as a 501(c)(3) tax-free organization



January 3, 2020

Fabio Gallerani



Dear Fabio,


Congratulations on launching the VDM research project. It is impressive how much you were able to accomplish in short time. I know that you placed importance on launching this project on the first day of 2020, and as an American, I find this meaningful, since we identify perfect vision as 2020. Unfortunately, this only measures visual acuity. As we have learned, many people can have visual acuity of 20/20 yet have poor vision due to a variety of causes, not the least of which is Vision Degrading Myodesopsia (VDM).


I began my research in Vitreous over four decades ago, and over a decade ago I became interested in the plight of patients with vitreous floaters. While the majority of these cases are not severe, many patients legitimately suffer from the negative impact of vitreous flaoters on their quality of life. As you know, we have determined that one negative impact in the degradation of contrast sensitivity function. But there are other effects that require more research for a better understanding.


The VMR Research Foundation is committed to learning more about vitreous, vitreous floaters, and VDM with the anticipation that this will lead to better diagnostics and less invasive cures. We are pleased to join forces with VDMresearch.org in promoting education and providing information to sufferers around the world. To this end, we are not soliciting funding support at this time and will focus upon providing education and information. As we grow, I anticipate that we will begin to raise funds to help persuade medical institutions, governments, technology corporations, and drug companies to support more research and development in this domain.


So let’s indeed Unite for Clear Vision.


                                                                                   Sincerely yours,

                                                                                  J. Sebag, MD, FACS, FRCOphth, FARVO

Without Professor Sebag and his foundation VMR Research, there would be no VMR Project.  This website and the resources we provide exist specifically to increase public and professional awareness of the work at VMR Research, and to try to accelerate progress towards new treatments for VDM.
Please take a moment to complete STEP 1 here at vdmresearch.org – we will keep you updated on our progress and you will be part of our pressure group to influence the research industry.
Our aim is to build a worldwide community to support Professor Sebag and his colleagues. Our aim is to be noticed by the eye health industry and its research partners. Our aim is to Unite for Clear Vision.  We hope you will join us.  


vdm research


VDM is the new name for the condition commonly known as ‘eye floaters’.  VDM stands for Vision Degrading Myodesopsia:   it is a new term that now recognises this condition as an eye disease.

If you were told that ‘eye floaters’ are benign, and that you do not require treatment, please read on.

The VDM Project exists to support you in changing the attitudes of medical professionals and the eye health industry – and aims to find new treatment options for a condition that we understand can be life-changing.

Living with VDM

Has VDM changed your life?  Can you no longer enjoy things the way you used to?  Do you find it more difficult to concentrate when studying or at work?

This can become frustrating.

You are told there is no problem, and that you need to get used to it.  You are told the situation will improve with time, but your experience is different.  Other people do not understand your frustration, your relationships are affected.

It’s a domino effect.  So psychological problems can be related to VDM, but they are a consequence of an eye disease which was the ‘first domino’ in a chain reaction.

The VDM project aims to get to the root of this problem by finding new methods to diagnose and treat the vitreous so that clear and healthy vision can be restored: once this is achieved, any psychological difficulties linked to the disease will disappear.

Are you, or is someone you know, affected by VDM?

Everyone has a different experience of VDM – and everyone has a different way of dealing with their experience.

Perhaps it has created problems with concentrating at work, or perhaps you find it harder to enjoy things like sport or creative hobbies.  Perhaps all of the above.

At the VDM Project we appreciate that these difficulties are not trivial – everyone deserves an equal chance for the best quality of life.

We aim to change attitudes amongst medical professionals who do not currently understand the quality of life problems that VDM can cause.

We also aim to create awareness of the fact that the current invasive treatment options available (vitrectomy and YAG laser) need to be significantly improved or replaced altogether.

Ophthalmic doctors need to appreciate the sensitive and important role of the vitreous in a person’s health – from both a visual and psychological point-of-view.

The VDM Project and VMR Research

The term VDM was coined by Professor Jerry Sebag who is an internationally recognised expert on the treatment of – and research into – the vitreous.  Professor Sebag has founded a new non-profit organisation named VMR Research, based in California.

The VDM Project is the link between you and VMR Research: we report on the research goals and the funding aims of VMR Research, and bring you updates from Professor Sebag and his teams.

He is collaborating with researchers around the world to work towards the goals of VMR Research.  A PDF with an outline of these goals is available on this website.

Joining the fight – why and how?

We set up the VDM Project so that you can Join The Fight and become an active supporter of our goals, and the hope for new treatment options.

You can do this in a number of ways.  You can share the link to the website with anyone you know you who is affected, and their friends and families.  We would like everyone to sign up to the newsletter – it’s the best way for you to stay updated and also, using this community, we can then build a pressure group that can start to influence industry-led research.

And finally, to officially Join the Fight there is the option to offer monthly donations.  You will join a special group of supporters and we will bring you additional resources and updates.

The VDM Project – Unite for Clear Vision

Thanks for taking the time to read this short introduction to the VDM Project.  We know there are challenges ahead but we believe that with a strong community and the right leadership from our team and Professor Sebag we can find the solution we are looking for.

Let’s stay positive, let’s join the fight, let’s Unite for Clear Vision.