Dear Sufferers,

Recently Dr. Sebag released a brief interview with some important updates for the VDM PROJECT.

The VMR RESEARCH FOUNDATION, along with prominent partners and doctors, is working to make progress and get closer to a better solution to diagnose and treat eye floaters.

In this interview, Dr. Sebag answered some of the most relevant questions from the community and shared some significant considerations on the recognition of VDM as a significant disease by medical practitioners vs. being considered simply a nuisance.

In the upcoming months, we plan to involve doctors and experts from the Scientific Advisory Board to begin discussing different points of view and possible solutions to cope, treat and cure eye floaters.

 We have uploaded the video of Dr. Sebag’s interview to the VDM PROJECT YouTube account.

 You can access it here: CLICK HERE

 Let’s unite for clear vision!

 The VMR Research Foundation is grateful for your continued support.

Your contribution matters and represents a positive step forward toward a better and safe treatment for eye floaters.