Ask Us Anything: Answers

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Dear VDM Supporters,

We previously asked followers of our Instagram Page to submit any questions they have about the VDM Project. We wish to offer full transparency on our plans and goals because we can only exist with the support of our followers. Thank you to everybody who submitted questions to us.

Q: How many subscribers does the VDM Project currently have, and have we reached 10,000 subscribers yet?

A: We currently have approximately 3000 subscribers. In the beginning, we set a goal of acquiring 10,000 subscribers.

Leaders of the VDM Project felt that this number would help formulate a high pressure group to provide more funding for research and to help our educational efforts to spread the word to find a cure for eye floaters sooner.

While still focusing on attaining this goal of 10,000 subscribers, we are also working on putting out more content to the subscribers we currently have and putting an even greater focus on supporting the collaborative research projects being worked on by Dr. Jerry Sebag and other researchers and research entities around the world.

Q: What is the best way to help the VDM Project?

A: We need donations to help fund the research being done by Dr. Sebag at the VMR Institute. We appreciate any donations you can afford to give the VDM Project. If you cannot afford to donate at this time, there are other ways you can help us.

We need to educate and inform others about the important research being done on eye floaters and the existence of our organization.

You can help us spread the word by encouraging your friends and family to join the VDM Project. You can share our social media links on Instagram and Facebook. If you have a particular skillset you would like to share, please let us know. We welcome your assistance.

Q: How can I join the VDM Project?

A: It is simple! Just click the link:

Q: How much money are VDM Project leaders paid?

A: Nothing. Zero. Zilch. All leaders are strictly volunteers. They work hard to provide information and content to subscribers like you, and they each have key roles within the organization depending on their work experience and skillsets.

We have leaders who are writers, editors, technology and social media experts, and others who reach out to scientists and doctors around the world and connect them to Dr. Sebag.

Our goal is to unite all of us sufferers and to initiate collaborative efforts to cure eye floaters. 100% of any funds we receive are sent to Dr. Sebag’s research organization, the VMR Institute. It is NOT our goal to acquire any money for ourselves, but rather to fund legitimate research projects.

Q: When will there be a cure for eye floaters?

A: This is the question we all want to know. We want a cure as soon as possible. We understand the pain and suffering eye floater sufferers experience because we are sufferers ourselves. This is precisely why we have taken action to contribute to the cause to find the cure.

We are striving to bring more attention to the issue and garnish more funding to eradicate eye floaters as soon as possible. It takes time for research to be done and tested. We cannot give you a specific answer yet as to when a cure will be found, but we can tell you that much more attention has been given to eye floaters recently and that researchers are currently working to find the cure.

We encourage you to spread the word about your floaters and unite with us to help raise more awareness. We appreciate all of you and encourage you to unite with us for better vision.

Q: Will the VDM Project create merchandise (such as sweaters, shirts, stickers, etc.) that people can buy, with proceeds going to research?

A: We are always looking for ways to raise funds for research, and welcome all suggestions. A key issue with selling merchandise is the initial cost of printing and delivering around the world.

At the moment, we do not believe there is enough demand to make a profit from this, but we will definitely consider it if enough VDM Project supporters show interest.

Q: Where are donations going?

A: All of our plans for donations are available on our Research Plans page.

Q: Are there any plans for the future to research eye floaters for other visual phenomena (such as afterimages – often mentioned by sufferers)?

A: Not at the present time.

Q: Will the cure remove 100% of the floaters or reduce them in the same way the YAG laser intends to?

A: This is difficult to predict. Dr. Sebag’s experience with vitrectomy indicates that only the central opacities need to be removed for the patient to experience an improvement of their symptoms. We must undergo further research before we are able to give a definitive answer.

Q: What type of cure are you planning to research? I.e. Pharmaceutical, surgical, laser treatment, natural?

A: There will be different treatments for different subtypes. At present, we only know two different ones: myopic vitreopathy and age-related vitreous degeneration with PVD. While vitrectomy works for both, the future will likely see certain lasers for one but not the other. Also, we need to understand the sub-types better before we know how to approach curing each one.

Q: Do eye floaters get worse? What makes them worse?

A: Continued aggregation of vitreous collagen since vitreous echodensity continues to increase. With age, the vitreous begins to liquify which can cause ‘clumps’ of vitreous collagen, perceived as eye floaters.

People can also experience a sudden increase in visual opacities due to trauma (damage to the eye) and after undergoing Posterior Vitreous Detachment (PVD).

The VDM Project can only continue our plans to research a cure for eye floaters with your support. Please consider donating to allow the organization to continue.