A Letter From Dr.Sebag for the VDM Project

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We are pleased to share this letter of endorsement and support from Dr Jerry Sebag.  


VMR Research Foundation

620 Newport Center Drive PMB 490

Newport Beach, CA 92660, USA

Certified by the US I.R.S. as a 501(c)(3) tax-free organization



January 3, 2020

Fabio Gallerani



Dear Fabio,


Congratulations on launching the VDM research project. It is impressive how much you were able to accomplish in short time. I know that you placed importance on launching this project on the first day of 2020, and as an American, I find this meaningful, since we identify perfect vision as 2020. Unfortunately, this only measures visual acuity. As we have learned, many people can have visual acuity of 20/20 yet have poor vision due to a variety of causes, not the least of which is Vision Degrading Myodesopsia (VDM).


I began my research in Vitreous over four decades ago, and over a decade ago I became interested in the plight of patients with vitreous floaters. While the majority of these cases are not severe, many patients legitimately suffer from the negative impact of vitreous flaoters on their quality of life. As you know, we have determined that one negative impact in the degradation of contrast sensitivity function. But there are other effects that require more research for a better understanding.


The VMR Research Foundation is committed to learning more about vitreous, vitreous floaters, and VDM with the anticipation that this will lead to better diagnostics and less invasive cures. We are pleased to join forces with VDMresearch.org in promoting education and providing information to sufferers around the world. To this end, we are not soliciting funding support at this time and will focus upon providing education and information. As we grow, I anticipate that we will begin to raise funds to help persuade medical institutions, governments, technology corporations, and drug companies to support more research and development in this domain.


So let’s indeed Unite for Clear Vision.


                                                                                   Sincerely yours,

                                                                                  J. Sebag, MD, FACS, FRCOphth, FARVO

Without Professor Sebag and his foundation VMR Research, there would be no VMR Project.  This website and the resources we provide exist specifically to increase public and professional awareness of the work at VMR Research, and to try to accelerate progress towards new treatments for VDM.
Please take a moment to complete STEP 1 here at vdmresearch.org – we will keep you updated on our progress and you will be part of our pressure group to influence the research industry.
Our aim is to build a worldwide community to support Professor Sebag and his colleagues. Our aim is to be noticed by the eye health industry and its research partners. Our aim is to Unite for Clear Vision.  We hope you will join us.