VDM Project Update | September 2020

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VDM Project Update | September 2020

Dear VDM supporter,

The month of August was a very important period for the VDM Project.

The VDM Mastermind Team worked consistently with Dr. Sebag and the VMR Research Foundation to precisely define the most important projects to further the research on eye floaters.

In this article we list some important goals that the VDM Team has managed to achieve, and at the end of this article we will announce the exact date of the beginning of a new chapter for the VDM project.

Achievement One

The VDM Project has always highlighted the importance of working on improved vitreous imaging to allow a better understanding of the condition, to find new treatment methods and to define the objective severity of the problem.

There were two essential projects for this milestone. One was developed in Poland and involved the development of a 3D OCT for viewing the vitreous body of the eye in three dimensions.

The other project was developed by Columbia University, in collaboration with VMRR, and focused on the enhancement of ultrasound imaging to better visualize the vitreous and to better diagnose the severity of this condition.

We are pleased to confirm that the project in Poland is in the process of obtaining a renewal of a government grant, while Columbia University, together with Dr Sebag, has prepared a very detailed grant proposal that has the possibility of being accepted by the American National Institute of Health (NIH) which will allocate a consistent sum of money that would guarantee the development of this important research.

Both projects are very important for the VDM Project, and we are glad to announce there is a big possibility that both of them will move forward and give sufferers new hope to be better diagnosed after acquiring eye floaters.

What can you do to help us?

Simply support the VDM Project, sharing its existence with everyone you know to increase understanding of this condition.

The more awareness that is created, the more likely it will be to confirm research funds to continue with important projects regarding the development of 3D imaging.

Governments are happy to offer grants for research which aim to make a difference in treating impactful health conditions and better the life of their citizens.

Achievement Two

From the moment of its birth on January 1, 2020, the VDM Project had as its first goal to bring together eye floater sufferers under a united movement.

After the initial difficulties, skepticism and criticism from those who thought that this was just one of those projects destined to end in nothing, today the VDM Project has completed the startup of the project thanks to the birth of the VDM Mastermind Team.

This team is an international mastermind comprised entirely of eye floater sufferers who work closely with Dr. Sebag, creating synergy around the world to raise awareness of the condition of eye floaters.

Starting from nothing, today the VDM Mastermind Team has over 40 members from all over the world who consistently communicate and move forward with the project, united and confident of its success.

The VDM Mastermind team ensures that the project keeps moving forward and that the goals are achieved day after day with continuous contact with Dr. Jerry Sebag and his research team.

What can you do to support us?

If you feel that you want to be part of this incredible mastermind team and become a protagonist for the progress of the VDM Project, you can click here and request to join the group.

Your talent could make a big difference in the success of the VDM Project.


On October 1st, 2020 a fundraising campaign will begin for three independent research projects developed by Dr. Sebag and the VMR Research Foundation.

These are three research projects which, if completed, will take us one step closer to developing an effective non-invasive treatment for eye floaters.

What can you do to help us?

In the next few days the specific details of these projects, the monthly goals to be achieved and how you can be part of them will be released.

Keep an eye on your e-mail, as you will receive an important update in the next few days.

Remember, if we join as one great movement, we can achieve our goal of curing eye floaters.

Let’s unite for clear vision!