VDM Project Update | May 2020

May has been a very important month for the VDM Project 

On April 26th an important webinar presentation with Dr.Sebag revealed to the world the background, purpose and future aims of the VDM Project. Please take the time to watch this video to understand what we are doing, and how we want to cure eye floaters for all.

Next Steps

We are now speeding up Phase One and we need your help to do so. So, here are some things you can do: 

1) Sign up for the newsletter below and become part of the pressure group, a group that will be essential when requesting support of institutions and philanthropists. 

2) Ask two people you know that have eye floaters or want to help the cause to also sign up to the newsletter. 

Staff Announcement

We are very happy to announce that we have added a new member to the VDM Mastermind Team, Edyta Andrzejczak – an experienced professional who will be in charge of managing the development and goals of our project.

This Mastermind Team will be important in the development of the project as we will assign each member specific tasks to make the VDM Project a global movement capable of raising awareness and funds for research in any language and any country in the world. If you feel you have a skill and you want to help the project from the inside, please Apply to join the VDM Mastermind Team

Goal Progress

Regarding the goals we are striving to achieve and our current progress: We have 1334 subscribers to the newsletter at the moment, and we have a goal of 10,000 to create an effective pressure group. 

Please remember that signing up to the newsletter is essential if you want to receive updates on the project. Sometimes updates can get missed or lost on social media so the newsletter is the best way to stay connected to the project.  

Fundraising Progress

Regarding fundraising, we now have a number of supporters who have very generously made donations, and we consider that a very encouraging beginning. As explained in the webinar, all funds go directly to Dr Sebag and his VMR Research Foundation.  

Please consider a monthly support for the project – continued support is the only way we can achieve our plans of a cure.

Please be aware that this vault is a work in progress and it will keep expanding as our project and knowledge grows. If you want to help us, please record a quick testimonial and follow the instructions here.

We also have plans to begin an extensive ad campaign with the help of a Google Grant which we have been awarded, to help us cover more and more geographic areas.

Remember, if we all UNITE, this project will be the bridge for a better and less invasive cure for this condition. 

Let’s Unite For Clear Vision.