VDM Project: Share Your Story

Can you share your eye floaters story?
The VDM Project is launching a YouTube channel for you to share your story with eye floaters.
This is the chance for the community to let researchers and other professionals understand how VDM affects a person day-to-day, from a personal perspective.
In addition, we hope these videos can provide a positive message of hope for the community – and give advice to sufferers about the best way to cope with the condition.
The videos will remain anonymous will only be used for this purpose in the VDM Project.   You do not need to share your name or location or any other personal details. We will not gather any personal information or share this content anywhere else.  We just hope to gather many testimonials to demonstrate the reality of this condition.

You can find some guidelines about how to create and send us your video here.

Please share your story if you can – thank you and let’s unite for clear vision.
Your VDM Project Team