A Message From Dr. Jerry Sebag

Eye Floaters is a disease of the Vitreous Body of the eye.

In recent years, Dr. J. Sebag named clinically significant cases as “VISION DEGRADING MYODESOPSIA” or VDM.
After this historical milestone of recognizing it as a real disease and not just a nuisance, we are now organizing world-wide to prevent and cure this disease. 

vdm project is here

Did they tell you that eye floaters are not an eye disease?

Did they tell you that the only solution is to get used to them and learn to live with them?

If so we know how you feel.

We are here to tell you that you were right.

Eye floaters are not a simple nuisance, they are sometimes a real vitreous disease as Dr. Sebag demonstrated with his research.  He has named this disease VDM (Vision Degrading Myodesopsia).

Vitreous floaters can sometimes cause severe depressive illnesses and their emotional impact is sometimes comparable to a serious ocular and systemic ilnesses

To date there is no effective non invasive cure for this problem.

But we’re here to tell you that:


The purpose of this project is to unite the millions of people who suffer from this problem and create a united movement to enhance understanding, increase public awareness, improve sensitivity of the medical profession to patients, and explore new therapies to cure and ultimately prevent vitreous floaters.

Your help is essential to winning.

If we do not join forces and unite, nobody will fight this battle for us.

OUR PLAN - year 2020



Launch VDMresearch.org Reaching 10.000 people in the newsletter


Help VMR RESEARCH FOUNDATION for specific research projects described in this page


Create a HUGE Pressure group to influence pharmaceutical companies and get support from institutions



Here's how it works:

Phase 1: UNITE 10.000 PEOPLE

Our first goal is to reach 10.000 active members IN THE NEWSLETTER. An active member is someone who has joined the movement to unite for clear vision, completing the STEP 1 and signing up in the newsletter.

In this way we can start building a big group of sufferers and have enough power to ask for big funding.

Unite with us and help the VMR RESEARCH FOUNDATION to continue research projects on eye floaters and Vision Degrading Myodesopsia (VDM)

Join the NEWSLETTER today and you will get a PDF with all the research projects in the field of EYE FLOATERS and VISION DEGRADING MYODESOPSIA that VMR RESEARCH FOUNDATION has planned for 2020 and beyond.

Phase 2: Support the vmr research foundation

Joining this movement will help support research efforts.

In the VDM PROJECT we aim to help the VMR RESEARCH FOUNDATION continue and expand Dr. Sebag’s research & development with existing and future research projects.

Discover all the research projects by CLICKING HERE

This is the first step in developing better treatments for eye floaters and Vision Degrading Myodesopsia.

Donate and support the foundation by CLICKING HERE

We aim to complete phase 2 before March 2021


We aim to create an ACTIVE PRESSURE GROUP, a group of people like you who suffer from the problem and want a solution.

Join the VDM PROJECT and help us achieve this important milestone.

The pressure group is used to generate research funding to speed up the implementation of better diagnostics today and possibly a non-invasive treatment tomorrow.

Like any industry, the pharmaceutical industry needs concrete numbers to dedicate funding and resources aimed to improve disease recognition followed by the development of new treatments.

And we will provide them the numbers uniting together under one movement.

The only way to get their attention is to unite in a single group and provide concrete data so that they can be motivated to develop better diagnostics and then new effective treatment(s).

Phase 4: the final phase of this project

The goal of the VDM project is to reach phase 4.

In this phase, the VMR RESEARCH FOUNDATION and Dr. Sebag will expand tests on humans with new approaches to treat eye floaters and VDM.

This phase is only achievable if we join forces and collaborate together getting help from governments and international organizations.

If we join forces we could reach phase 4, find a less invasive treatment to cure eye floaters today and perhaps even be able to prevent this disease tomorrow, the ultimate goal of modern Medicine

How To Help The Project

step1 | Sign up for the newsletter | become part of the pressure group

You will receive regular updates on the project and participate in the creation of the pressure group needed to get attention from big pharmaceutical companies interested in developing new approaches to cure eye floaters.

Signing up for the newsletter is the first step to create a pressure group, a group of people that will aim to influence pharmaceutical companies for a solution to cure eye floaters.

By signing up to the newsletter (free), you will get a PDF from the VMR Research foundation with a detailed description of all the research projects developing right now.

By completing STEP 1 you will also gain access to special resources and articles written by Dr. Sebag.

This is intended to give you support and comfort to overcome the daily challenges of VDM and motivate you to join us in the fight against eye floaters (coming soon).


For people who are committed to staying positive and working for a solution to this problem, we have the option of membership to the VDM PROJECT MASTERMIND group. This is free of charge, but it is by invitation only once we have considered applications sent to info@VDMresearch.org.

If you want to help VMR RESEARCH to get more funding and accelerate progress towards new treatments, and believe you have something to bring to the table, please write to us as info@vdmresearch.org. Successful applicants will be given access to an online members area where we can participate in group discussions and share resources.


You can make a difference in the VDM PROJECT.
Donate to the VMR RESEARCH FOUNDATION today and help to develop the reseacrh projects, use this PAGE to send your donation:
Donations will go directly to the VMR Research Foundation, an approved tax-free, non-profit research foundation.
If you are a philantropist and wish to donate large amounts to VMR RESEARCH foundation you can do so by sending us an email at info@vdmresearch.org.
Please note that when we have identified a clear funding target for an active research project, we will post updates on this site so you can make informed decisions about your donations.‚ÄĚ should be ‚ÄúPlease note that when we have identified a clear funding target for¬†active research projects, we will post updates on this site¬†to provide feedback on the progress made with¬†your donations.

Together we can promote world-wide acceptance of vitreous floaters as a disease, improve disease recognition by medical professionals, characterize disease severity using objective measures like quantitative ultrasonography, and thereby accelerate the development of new cures for Vision Degrading Myodesopsia

Your contribution is important.

Unite For Clear Vision


Through cutting-edge science, and strategic partnerships, we plan to influence government and corporate policies to support and stimulate new developements in Eye Floaters research. We plan to provide the seed funding, scientific and clinical expertise, as well as the political will to to make it all possible. With the help of a leading expert on human vitreous, Dr. J. Sebag, we strive to unite the sufferers worldwide into a globally united pressure group.

Together we can accelerate the discovery of the 1st Non Invasive cure for Eye Floaters 

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